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ZERO STARS! Today we went in to get my husbands and my sons hair cut. Once my son was done I went to check on my husband as he was roughly being trimmed with a trimmer with no guard. (It was a fade so I know that was required) he looked extremely mad and uncomfortable. We pay and leave, only for him to tell me she made him bleed. Apparently even she addressed it to him and went to clean it up. If I would have known inside I would have said something immediately. Once we got in the car he asked me if he was bleeding and of course he was! So I go inside and address it, only to be told he had a bump on his head so she went over it and it cut. First of all, there was no sigh whatso ever about a bump on his head, it was completely flat with zero sign of any kind of bump on his head. So I take a stylist to look and they completely put it off like it didn?t matter at all. Wouldn?t even refund the money we paid! Gave me a coupon for a cut and said use it at a different location and not there. The poorest customer service and unacceptable behavior by the staff I?ve ever had to deal with!

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Great service

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Nice haircut and even nicer hairdressers

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Michelle L. | May 24, 2019 Facebook

"ZERO STARS! Today we went in to get my husbands and my sons hair cut. Once my son was done I went to"

rey d. | April 13, 2019 Google

"Great service"

Alden M. | March 22, 2019 Google

"Nice haircut and even nicer hairdressers"

albert m. | March 19, 2019 Google

"Litterally never coming here again. The lady litterally acted as if I was a burden and treated me ve"

John L. | March 1, 2019 Google

"Awesome service. Learned about makeing kimchi"

Raul C. | January 9, 2019 Google

"I get my hair cut by the same woman. Koasha. Always how I want it cut even though I ask for somethin"